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Exploring Perez Hilton’s Hair Transplant

    American gossip columnist, blogger and TV celebrity Perez Hilton is rarely out of the media pages, so, naturally, looking good is a top priority for this influential personality. Known for his unique dress sense and ever-changing hairstyles and colours, Perez manages to capture interest, whatever he says or does.

    Has Perez Hilton had a FUE hair transplant?

    Perez is famous for dishing the dirt on celebs, so it was refreshing for him to reveal his own nugget of gossip when he announced that he’d bolstered his receding locks with a hair transplant. Having reached his fourth decade, it was only natural that Perez would start to notice his hair loss, and with excessive colouring and styling over the years possibly taking their toll on his follicle count, it was no wonder he wanted to get his crowning glory back on track.

    FUE hair transplant explained

    Perez revealed that, in order to tackle his increasing hair loss, he opted for the popular FUE hair transplant procedure. Also known as follicular unit excision, this type of hair transplant method involves taking strong, healthy hair follicles from a person’s head, usually at the back and sides, and then implanting these into areas where the hair has thinned or gone bald.

    There are lots of great reasons why Perez will have chosen to have an FUE hair transplant procedure: it’s relatively quick and painless, doesn’t require a general anaesthetic, produces minimal scarring and boasts an impressive success rate. As someone leading a busy lifestyle with his work and family commitments (he’s a dad to three children), Perez also probably picked the FUE treatment as it meant he could be discharged by the hair transplant clinic on the same day, causing minimal disruption to his hectic schedule. It’s little wonder, then, that busy sports stars and other in-demand celebrities have also touted the FUE method for speedily improving their own heads of hair.

    The results from an FUE hair transplant procedure can start to take effect in just a matter of a few months, with the full outcome of the treatment noticeable by about a year. Already, the Perez Hilton hair transplant ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos show a vast improvement, producing a natural-looking hairline and much thicker locks than before. Perez looks visibly happier and more confident following the procedure, which is reassuring for anyone who is follicly- challenged and thinking about going down this route.

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    If you’re also looking for added reassurance about getting an FUE hair transplant, then we can put your mind at ease at The Treatment Rooms. We’ll provide you with a free, initial consultation, where we’ll explain everything you need to know, while also assessing your particular requirements to create a tailored plan to suit you.

    Naturally, our surgical teams are highly skilled and experienced, so it’s comforting to know that your head and hair will be in extremely capable hands.

    Following the initial consultation, we’ll check your scalp prior to the procedure, and we can even offer you a choice of entertainment to keep you occupied while our experts get to work on restoring your beautiful head of hair! Contact us today for further details.

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