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Why might a hair transplant not be right for you?

    Thousands of men and women undergo hair transplants each year in the UK. It’s becoming an increasingly popular procedure, one that’s designed to restore not only a patient’s hair but also their self-esteem. It is, unfortunately, not always suitable for everyone. Let’s look at some of the reasons why a visit to a hair transplant clinic may not be right for you.


    An individual who is already suffering from extensive hair loss will sometimes fall short of good quality follicles needed to perform an FUE hair transplant. The success of the procedure is reliant upon patients possessing a decent number of existing follicles in their donor region.


    If a person’s hair is still fairly dense despite their desire to undergo a hair transplant, it might not be practical to move ahead. This is because there might not be space to insert new grafts, as well as the likelihood that existing hair being damaged by newly transplanted hair.

    Medical Conditions

    There are certain medical conditions that make a hair transplant either impractical or ineffective. This includes diffuse alopecia, alopecia areata and alopecia cicatrisata. Those suffering from lichen planus might also be unsuitable candidates.


    Anyone who undergoes a hair transplant must be confident that they have the time and ability to adhere to a certain level of aftercare. Those who can’t commit to this might be deemed unsuitable.

    The aftercare can be extensive and may include instructions such as avoiding sports. Some commitments might also infringe on people’s work, such as not being able to wear headgear like helmets.

    The vast majority of people will be suitable to undergo a hair transplant. However, those with concerns should consider booking a consultation to ensure that it’s possible to have the procedure.

    Book a consultation

    A specialist will be able to tell you whether it’s in your interest to undergo the procedure and the results that you can expect. This includes whether any existing conditions could hinder the success of having a hair transplant.

    If you’re still unsure whether or not an FUE hair transplant might be for you, feel free to seek expert advice by getting in touch with The Treatment Rooms London.

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