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Is A Hair Transplant Painful?

Is a hair transplant painful? After your scalp has been numbed using local anaesthesia, you should not feel any pain at all during your hair transplant. This means a FUE hair transplant is a comfortable procedure for most patients. Despite most patients being very anxious about potential pain, here at The Treatment Rooms London, we make every effort to ensure they are kept as comfortable as possible. In this blog you can find out more about pain and having a hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Pain

As with any operation, Hair Transplant Surgery requires a surgeon to make small cuts into the skin. There are pain nerves throughout the body and face, so when a Surgeon makes a cut into the skin they can cause pain if these nerves are not stopped.

In the scalp there are many nerves so these must be anaesthetised (blocked from working) so that when our Surgeons perform hair transplant surgery, the patient does not feel any pain whatsoever. Our Surgeons perform this using different techniques:

  1. Using Local Anaesthetic Injections
  2. Giving Pain Relieving Medications
  3. Ensuring every patient comfortable and relaxed (so they are not stressed which can increase pain)

Local Anaesthesia Injections

The main technique your Surgeon will use is local anaesthesia injections. These are very small injections into the areas your surgeon will take hair out and implant hairs into. The injections are performed using a very fine needle, almost the width of a human hair!

Even though the needle is very small, our Surgeons go the extra mile. They use a device on your skin to distract your brain from receiving pain signals. This means that any soreness from the initial numbing injections is significantly reduced. After this stage is finished, your entire scalp will be numb and you shouldn’t feel pain during the procedure.

Giving Pain Relieving Medications

In addition to local anaesthetic, our Surgeons will also provide you with some pain- relieving medications. These help to reduce any discomfort throughout the procedure and help to relax you even further!

Ensuring every patient is comfortable and relaxed

Being stressed increases your brain’s perception of pain. So keeping every patient nice and relaxed is one of the surgeon’s main priorities. Our custom built hair transplant clinic is designed to keep every patient relaxed. We use different techniques such as:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Music
  • Temperature Control

This means that whilst you are undergoing surgery, you may feel so comfortable you fall asleep. If you wanted to find out more about having a hair transplant at The Treatment Rooms London- watch the video below!

Pain & Comfort During Hair Transplantation

During the hair transplant you should not feel pain following your initial local anaesthetic injections. Once the procedure starts you will feel the hair transplant surgeons lightly touching your scalp. Together with calming music and aromatherapy, you may find you fall asleep.

If you stay awake during the procedure you are kept as comfortable as possible with your choice of entertainment. This includes music, podcasts, TV, films and more.

By choosing to have your hair transplant at The Treatment Rooms London you can expect the highest attention when it comes to your comfort. We take pride in making sure the process is as relaxing as possible. One of our patients has even described having surgery at The Treatment Rooms London as:

“It’s like sitting in a First Class plane seat and having a hair transplant

FUE hair transplant pain
Before and After FUE Hair Transplantation

Pain After Hair Transplantation

After your hair transplant you will be given a recovery pack and instructions. Any pain you may feel will be easily managed with simple pain killers such as:

After 2 days, most patients are pain-free and don’ t require any further medications.

Our Surgeons will keep in contact with you regularly following your surgery. This means your recovery should go to plan and if needed, you will have access to our specialist advice with our dedicated caretaker service.

Will pain affect my transplant?

Pain should not affect your hair transplant. If you have pain lasting longer than 28 days you should contact your surgeon at your hair transplant clinic who will want to assess you further.

If you are interested in having a hair transplant at The Treatment Rooms London – find out more and book your consultation today.


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