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London Hair Transplants

As featured in the press we are South London’s first hair transplant clinic offering FUE Surgery. We take pride in being able to establish individual treatment plans which are holistic and account for the future.

Hair Transplant Before and After patient results
Hair Transplant for the temporal and frontal hairline- 2800 hairs

Hair Transplant Surgery

Losing your hair can be very worrying. With modern techniques such as Follicular Unit Excision, hair transplant surgery can now restore your hair to a style you desire.

The surgery involves relocating or transplanting hairs from the back and sides of the head to a balding area. Over time these hairs will grow, recreating hair where it has previously been lost. The end result is a rejuvenated appearance and this is what The Treatment Rooms specialises in.

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Personalised Hair Transplants at The Treatment Rooms London

The Treatment Rooms London is a CQC registered clinic with its surgeons all members of the GMC.  Our surgeons perform every single hair transplant making sure your transplanted hair is given the greatest opportunity to grow. This professional service is why patients across the world have trusted us with the long-term care of their hair.

At consultation our surgeons will examine your hair with a microscope and create a hair transplant plan to cater for your needs.

To create this plan, you will receive:

  • A free consultation (including a digital microscope assessment of your donor area) with a treatment plan to consider future hair loss
  • A 10-day scalp check prior to your surgery to ensure your donor site is optimal
  • Bespoke service on the day, with a choice of entertainment, food and drink
  • Regular UK-based follow up with access to our team
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Frontal and temporal hairline hair transplant

Our clinic provides FUE procedures for:

  • Scalp hair transplants

At The Treatment Rooms we specialise in providing FUE hair transplants for the frontal & temporal hairlines as well as the crown.

  • Beard transplants

New areas of growth and increasing density in the beard can be achieved using the FUE method.

  • Eyebrow transplants

Our patients sometimes prefer their eyebrows to be reshaped. At The Treatment Rooms, we use finesse and attention to detail to fashion them perfectly.

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Are You A Candidate?

Hair transplantation is a treatment that is specific and personal for each individual. Every patient has their own expectations about what they would like to achieve by having this treatment. Providing personalised treatment plans is what The Treatment Rooms London specialises in.

There are many different factors that will affect whether you are an ideal candidate for hair transplant surgery. This includes how much hair you have lost, your desired hair style, how much donor hair you have and your hair type.

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Meet Your Surgeon

Dr Fernando is the Lead Hair Transplant Surgeon at The Treatment Rooms London. He is a member of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery upholding its stringent professional code of conduct when it comes to performing hair transplant surgery.

His commitment to hair loss and its treatment extends beyond his practice at The Treatment Rooms London. He regularly contributes articles about hair loss and hair transplant surgery to the UK’s leading patient information websites.

Dr Fernando is a board member of the London Aesthetics Show. This is the UK’s first patient awareness conference for those seeking aesthetic treatments. His role involves advising and driving the agenda of patient safety when it comes to hair transplant surgery.

Patient Testimonial

At The Treatment Rooms London we pride ourselves in giving everyone a high quality personalised service. Our clinic is located in central London with convenient links to and from the home counties.

Our team will collectively ensure you are comfortable throughout your treatment; pampering you to a full suite of entertainment, food and drink. We hope to take care of your hair throughout your life so starting your hair growth journey on the right step is a moment we try to make special.

If you would like to find out more, click here to see our locations and contact us today to book your free consultation. Or simply start a WhatsApp conversation by clicking the Whatsapp Icon.

How Does Hair Transplant Surgery Work?

Whether you are male or female, hair transplant surgery involves moving hairs from one location to an area where you have no hair.

In most cases, hairs at the back of the head are carefully cut out of the skin. They are then carefully taken out and placed into the recipient bald area. This recipient area is often: 

1) The hairline and mid-scalp (hairline hair transplant

2) The crown (crown hair transplant)

The hairs that are transplanted will then grow over the next 8-12 months becoming thicker over time too. After 12-18 months you should be sporting your new transplanted hair. Feel free to have a look at our recent hair transplant results.

How Long Does Hair Transplant Surgery Take?

Hair transplants are usually performed in one day taking between 8-12 hours. The length of the surgery will depend on a few factors such as: 

1) How large your hair transplant is

2) How difficult your surgery might be

For some cases our surgeons may recommend that the transplant is performed over 2 days/ sessions. These are particularly for cases that require large numbers of grafts that need to survive the transplant. This not only means you are more comfortable during the procedure but also gives you the best chance of a successful hair transplant.

We have documented a full patient journey on the day of their hair transplant. Click on the following links:

Are There Any Side Effects?

The 3 most common side effects of hair transplant surgery include: 

1) Pain

2) Swelling 

3) Itching

These side effects are easily managed and should go away with time. Our surgeons are experienced in preventing these side effects and are always at hand to lend you advice should you need any. Read more about these side effects and how to manage them by clicking HERE.

How Much Does It Cost?

Hair transplant surgery is priced according the size of your transplant. This can only be calculated at your consultation where our surgeons will assess your hair loss and what can be achieved by having a hair transplant. For more information please click HERE.

How Much Time Do I Need To Take Off Work?

Even though you are fit to work the next day, for most patients we advise at least 4 days rest. This gives you time to recuperate and look after your newly implanted hairs! 

Most of our patients prefer to go back to work after 7 or 10 days. This allows for any signs of the hair transplant to disappear. 

If you wanted to find out more, read our dedicated pages on this topic- "Hair Transplant Aftercare and Recovery" or our blog "Hair Transplant Recovery: What You Need To Know". 

Male Hair Loss

Hair loss affects 50% of men when they reach 50 years old. For most males the cause is male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia or DHT driven hair loss). Depending on the extent of your balding you may benefit from a number of treatments. 

1) A medication that helps to stop DHT thinning your hair

2) Minoxidil- a spray or shampoo that helps to increase blood supply to your hair roots

3) Hair transplant surgery- a treatment that helps to recreate hair in areas you have now become bald in

To find out more feel free to click the following links: 

- Male Hair Loss

Male Pattern Baldness- What You Need To Know


Female Hair Loss

Female hair loss is slightly more complicated than male hair loss. This is because hair loss can be due to a number of different diagnoses including: 

1) Drug induced hair loss

2) Iron deficiency

3) Over-active thyroid gland

4) Inflammatory skin conditions

5) Traction alopecia

6) Polycystic ovary syndrome

7) Female pattern hair loss

The assessments for these diagnoses will include a face to face consultation with blood tests if required. 

Treatment for female hair loss depends on the underlying cause. Assuming you suffer from female pattern hair loss, Minoxidil might be your first line of treatment. If you wanted to replenish hair in areas you have lost it then a female hair transplant might be a treatment option for you.

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