Inner - Background Asset - The Treatment Rooms London
Inner - Background Asset - The Treatment Rooms London
Inner - Background Asset - The Treatment Rooms London

Why Choose Us For Surgery?

As featured in The Wandsworth Times we are South London’s first hair transplant clinic offering FUE Surgery. We take pride in being able to establish individual treatment plans which are holistic and account for the future.

The Treatment Rooms London team will provide an extensive service that is personalised to cater for your specific needs. This includes:

  • A free consultation (including a digital microscope assessment of your donor area) with a treatment plan to consider future hair loss
  • A 10-day scalp check prior to your surgery to ensure your donor site is optimal
  • Bespoke service on the day, with a choice of entertainment, food and drink
  • Regular UK-based follow up with access to our team
  • If required- a free top-up procedure to the area originally treated*
Hair Transplant Before and After
Hair Transplant for the temporal and frontal hairline- 2800 hairs
hair loss cure london
Before and 3 weeks after hair transplant for the frontal hairline- 4000 hairs

Our clinic provides FUE procedures for:

  • Scalp hair transplants

At The Treatment Rooms we specialise in providing FUE hair transplants for the frontal & temporal hairlines as well as the crown.

  • Beard transplants

New areas of growth and increasing density in the beard can be achieved using the FUE method.

  • Eyebrow transplants

Our patients sometimes prefer their eyebrows to be reshaped. At The Treatment Rooms, we use finesse and attention to detail to fashion them perfectly.

crown hair transplant before and after
6 months of early growth following a crown hair transplant

As featured in the The Wandsworth Times and Time and Leisure.

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Patient Testimonial

Patient Testimonial following a 2500 Hair Transplantation

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*Terms and Conditions apply- to be discussed at consultation

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