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Before & After FUE Hair Transplant

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FUE Hair Transplant Results

Before and After Treatment for Frontal and Temporal Hairline Balding

This gentleman underwent an FUE Hair Transplant of 2800 hairs for temporal and frontal hairline balding. As you can see you from the picture below, his right temporal region was balding and thinning more than his left. He also had general frontal hairline recession and thinning. He contacted The Treatment Rooms London to see how we could help bolster his hairline.

london hair loss clinic
Frontal hairline and temporal hair loss before hair transplant

6-7 Months Post Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Before and After patient results
Hair Transplant for the temporal and frontal hairline- 2800 hairs

This gentleman’s temporal regions have been filled in with his frontal hairline brought forward and densified. Great results within 7 months.

Crown Hair Transplant Results- Before and After 6 Months of Hair Growth

This gentleman was balding in his crown area. You can see thinning and scalp skin in his crown. By transplanting approximately 3000 hairs to the crown area with the FUE technique we were able to achieve this growth in 6 months. He is showing approximately 60-70% of his growth so far with more hair growth and thickening to come.

crown hair transplant before and after
6 months of early growth following a crown hair transplant

Frontal and Temporal Hairline Hair Transplant- Before and After 8 Months of Growth

This gentleman had early signs of male pattern baldness with a receding hairline. Conscious that he wanted to restore his hairline to where he preferred it to be he opted to have a hair transplant to bolster his frontal and temporal hairline. Using the follicular unit excision (FUE) technique we isolated 330 grafts. This may appear a small number but healthy, strategically excised grafts carefully planned and implanted can provide amazing results. Take a look!

Left temporal hairline hair transplant

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