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Is your hair falling out after having a hair transplant?

    Are you concerned that you might be losing your hair after having had a hair transplant? This is actually a common concern, and we want to throw a spotlight on the issue in this article.

    Hair shedding after a hair transplant is entirely normal

    The most important thing to remember here is that shedding hair after a hair transplant procedure is entirely normal. Even under usual circumstances, it is typical for the body to shed hair – up to 100 hairs a day. But in the post-operative phase following a hair transplant, you may encounter the shedding of hair grafts which have been transplanted. Let’s look closer…

    Hair loss after a hair transplant: How and why?

    It is common to lose your hair in the first three to four months after you have had a hair transplant. When hair roots are transferred from the back of the head to the top of the head, the hair roots go into what is known as a ‘resting phase’. This serves to get rid of the hair shaft, which is why you experience the hair loss.

    Is hair loss after a hair transplant normal?

    In fact, this hair loss after a hair transplant can be seen as a sign of progress. Once this resting phase is complete, the hair can come back and grow, leaving you with brand new, healthy hair. This is known as the active, or anagen phase of hair growth, during which the hair will grow around 1cm every month.

    Will my hair grow back after a hair transplant?

    So the key takeaway here is that the shedding of hair following a hair transplant in this resting phase is absolutely normal. We can see this period as the body’s response to the ‘trauma’ it has experienced during the hair transplant procedure.

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