Dr Fernando- Executive Committee Member of BAHRS

Dr Fernando Hair Restoration Surgeon British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery

We are delighted to announce our very own lead hair transplant surgeon, Dr Fernando has been appointed into the Executive Committee for the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery, (BAHRS).

What is BAHRS?

BAHRS is a non-profit association of professionals with an interest in hair loss, hair restoration including hair transplant surgery, hair research and education. It works to put in place standards for its members when it comes to treating hair loss.

Dr Fernando- Executive Committee for BAHRS

His role in the committee will be Treasurer for BAHRS. This role will be an incredibly important one as he looks to expand the association. He is welcoming new members into the association as a way to further its reputation.

He comments,

It is a privilege to be a hair transplant surgeon and now a committee member for the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery. I fully support the organisation’s work putting professional and ethical standards in place when it comes to hair restoration surgery. I look forward to being part of BAHRS’ journey over the coming years as it heralds a new era of hair restoration for existing and new surgeons.

Dr Fernando takes huge pride in giving patients the opportunity of restoring their hair. Having now co-founded and established South London’s first hair transplant clinic he looks forward to welcoming more patients. Hair transplant surgery is one treatment alongside many other non-surgical treatments provided by The Treatment Rooms London. Dr Fernando’s aim for each patient is to create a holistic treatment plan to restore hair for the future. This can include a combination of both surgical and non-surgical options for hair loss treatment.

Also, by being part of BAHRS he will further his professional development particularly around novel therapies for hair loss. These will include:

  • Stem cell therapy for hair loss
  • Topical medications to prevent hair loss
  • Hair cloning

Hair Transplants Gone Wrong

skin necrosis after attending unregulated hair transplant clinic

Hair Transplants can go wrong and we are seeing more patients turn up in our clinic to have their’s fixed. This is completely disheartening- find out more and read this blog.

Beware of the Black Market Hair Transplant Clinic

This is a campaign launched by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. It is highlighting the dangers of going to a hair transplant clinic for cheap procedures. There are many problems patients face when they turn up to these types of clinics. We have talked about them extensively in our recent blog- please click on it to find out more:

A Sad Story About A Businessman In India

Sadly, a gentleman in India has passed away after undergoing a hair transplant. We don’t know yet whether the transplant caused his death. He presented to a hospital with a swollen mouth with breathing problems so it is possible he had an allergic reaction to a medication given after his surgery. However, the details about his procedure are very worrying.

He had an astronomical 9000 grafts taken out in one session! We cannot stress how dangerous this is.

At The Treatment Rooms London we can safely extract 2000 grafts in one day. If you require more we will plan your surgery over multiple sessions. This makes sure:

  • Your grafts have the highest chance of survival and growing
  • Reduces the length of the procedure and your fatigue
  • Makes your recovery more comfortable

Taking out 9000 grafts would have probably depleted his donor hair zone with a see-through effect. It is also far too many grafts to be taken out in one session of Follicular Unit Excision. Most of those grafts would likely have not been re-implanted in time for them to survive. The gentleman’s surgery was during the night and lasted 12 hours. This is a long time for the grafts to be potentially of the body. We wonder whether his surgeon could have considered operating over 2-3 sessions. Not only would this have meant a smaller “bite-sized” hair transplant but would have been safer for the patient too.

What Should You Look For In A Hair Transplant Clinic?

In the UK, a hair transplant clinic should fulfil the following criteria:

  • Be CQC registered
  • Have a GMC-licensed Surgeon

To operate legally in the UK, a hair transplant clinic should meet these criteria. If you are looking to undergo the procedure please make sure you check these details. Hair transplants can go wrong if you find yourself in a clinic that is not regulated and have surgeons operating unlawfully in the UK.

Going Abroad

There are black market hair transplant clinics everywhere including the UK. However, there are currently a higher proportion of these clinics in countries like Turkey and India. Patients travelling to these countries for their transplant put themselves at high risk of poor outcomes and life changing complications.

One of the most important aspects of having a hair transplant is being able to contact your surgeon straight away if anything goes wrong. Having an open line of communication is key. Don’t be coerced into going abroad or a black market hair transplant clinic. Take your time to make your decision. Try and choose a clinic you can go back to if you had any problems or questions.

At The Treatment Rooms London we go the extra mile to keep in touch with all our patients after their procedure. We understand undergoing surgery can be daunting. Holding your hand throughout this process is what we do best.

Have You Been Affected By A Poor Hair Transplant?

Every week we are seeing patients come to The Treatment Rooms London asking for help. We understand the sense of guilt and frustration you might be feeling after having a poor transplant. It might be hard to initially reach out but please feel free to contact us. We will see you free of charge and explain to you the different treatment options available to you.

To contact us please click on the link below:

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Why Do People Have Hair Transplants?

why do people have hair transplants

Why do people have hair transplants? It is a common question especially asked by those who have just found out about the treatment. This blog helps bridge the gap in understanding.

Firstly- What Is A Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant surgery involves taking hair from one part of the body and moving it (transplanting it) to another part.

Commonly the procedure is used to restore hair to bald areas of the head. In people who have undergone a particular type of hair loss, hair transplantation may be the only treatment that can give them hair again.

As you might see in elderly gentleman, hair is often lost on the top and crown but is thick on the back and sides. The hair on the back and sides can be taken out and re-implanted into bald areas of the scalp. These hairs will eventually grow and provide a set of hair you can style again.

The procedure can even be used to transplant hairs to the eyebrows, beard and other areas of the body. The hairs on the back and sides of the scalp are usually permanent hairs so once they are transplanted- the effect should be permanent.

Why Can’t I Take A Tablet Or Spray?

The tablet and spray you may be referring to are called Finasteride (Propecia®) and Minoxidil (Regaine®). Both treatments work really well in people who have thinning hair or are actively losing hair. However, in people who have lost hair and have completely bald areas of the scalp- these hairs will simply NOT grow back. A hair transplant is the only treatment that can restore hair to these areas.

So, Why Do People Have Hair Transplants?

Ultimately, it boils down to the following points:

  1. Are you bothered by your hair loss?
  2. Do you want to prevent any further hair loss?
  3. Do you want to restore hair to areas you have lost it?

If you answer to 1 is yes then go onto question 2. If question 2 is yes then great- there are many options for treatment (click HERE). Should you want to restore your hair style then by answering yes to question 3 you may benefit from a hair transplant.

But why do people say yes to wanting hair in areas that are now bald? It is not uncommon for patients visiting The Treatment Rooms London to come in and say, “I would like a hair transplant”. It seems they have already answered yes to all the 3 questions above and already made the mental leap.

“I Would Like A Hair Transplant”

Wanting to have a hair transplant because you desire to have hair where it once was is often sparked from an underlying core reason.  At The Treatment Rooms London we often find our patients share common reasons such as:

  1. Wanting to feel young again- missing out on having hair previously whilst friends or family may still have theirs
  2. Having hair again will help boost perceived masculinity and professionalism

Sometimes, patients even cite that a footballer’s hairstyle has inspired them to address their own hair loss.

Wanting to feel young again

If you have lost your hair you can feel particularly annoyed when everyone else around you still has theirs. We understand the feeling of you don’t understand the “importance of something until you’ve lost it”. Hair loss fits perfectly in this concept.

We already know that balding is association with the perception of being older. Undergoing a hair transplant and restoring hair to the head can therefore reverse this discrimination.

Boosting masculinity and professionalism

Healthy strong hair can really boost your confidence. In a survey conducted by Dove, 8/10 men admitted to a person’s hair being tied to how professional they looked. Together with a suit, briefcase and clean shoes a professional, healthy looking set of hair is now a modern addition.

Gone are the days where baldness was a lifelong sentence. With the advancement of follicular unit excision, men can sport thicker hair-dos that can be styled.

At The Treatment Rooms London we are seeing more and more businessmen and those alike turning to our Surgeons for help in restoring their hair. Not only are we a UK hair transplant clinic we are regulated and licensed to operate. That means, businessmen can trust our clinic with their hair and the eventual cosmetic outcome. Having been established as South London’s first hair transplant clinic we have developed a premier service that complements the modern day working professional. No corners are cut in working to achieve a hair you and we are proud of.

So if you are interested in finding out more and have looked in detail about what a hair transplant is- contact us today. We can guide the next steps on your hair regrowth journey. Simply book your free consultation today.


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UK Hair Transplants

UK Hair Transplants

UK Hair Transplants– why is the UK one of the best places in the World to have your hair transplant? This blog helps to explain some of the reasons why.

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is a term used to describe people going abroad to have a medical or surgical treatment. It has always existed and in many ways is a good thing. In some countries some treatments may simply be unavailable. Medical tourism therefore opens doors for patients to go and seek treatment from a Surgeon or Doctor who is practicing in a different country.

Modern Day Medical Tourism

However, with the rise of social media and posting of before and after pictures, medical tourism has showed an ugly side. Some clinics are now able to aggressively advertise treatments attracting people from abroad for low cost treatments. In many cases these treatments are cheap because the clinic is cutting corners in the quality of care. This may include not even having a qualified Doctor or Surgeon carry out the treatment, (1,2). This really does put patients at risk. The worldwide press was shocked to hear about Leah Cambridge who died from going to Turkey to have her cosmetic surgery. The lure of cheap treatment can be enticing but should not trump quality of care.

Medical Tourism and Hair Transplants

For hair transplants, clinics offering cheap hair transplants often combine the treatment with the following advertisements:

In the UK, hair transplant clinics are bound by the Advertising Standards Authority. The ASA puts a framework in place whereby clinics cannot advertise false claims or incentivise patients to undergo a medical treatment- including having a hair transplant. This means patients are given the time to reflect on whether a UK hair transplant clinic is suited to them. It also gives patients a chance to objectively assess a hair transplant clinic and surgeon on their expertise and experience in performing the surgery. There are no “add-ons” like those listed above to cloud a patient’s judgement.

Ultimately, a patient should judge a hair transplant clinic and surgeon on the following baseline criteria:

  • The licensing and regulation of the clinic and surgeon
  • Trust in the surgeon and their experience around managing hair loss not just hair transplantation

UK Hair Transplant Clinics

There are many UK hair transplant clinics like The Treatment Rooms London. These clinics, like ours, should be:

  1. Registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)
  2. Only employ licensed Doctors and Surgeons who are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC)

cqc thread liftThere are over 100 UK hair transplant clinics and some may not fulfil the two stipulations above. It is always important to double check the clinic. Feel free to go onto both the CQC and GMC websites to search for the clinic.

  1. CQC
  2. GMC

The Treatment Rooms, London is listed HERE on the CQC’s website.

The UK healthcare system has always put patients at the centre of care quality. The country has frameworks and legislation in place to ensure that safe and quality care is provided in any clinic. This means that as a patient you can expect your clinic and its surgeons to act professionally and provide objective advice to your concerns.

UK hair transplant clinics are considered the elite for a reason. They have been set up under a British medical system geared to ensure safe and quality care for patients. Doctors and Surgeons often lead their patient’s care, providing direct one to one care. This will ultimately benefit a patient in the following ways:

  • The patient can ask questions about his or her procedure at any time directly to the person in charge of their care
  • The Doctor or Surgeon can check the quality of grafts- making sure everything is being done to ensure the patient’s best outcome
  • Better aftercare management, as the Doctor or Surgeon have been directly present during the transplant- noting any difficulties or problems that may have occurred

Choosing a UK Hair Transplant Clinic

If you live in the UK, choosing a UK hair transplant clinic is an easier decision. As you may know already, hair transplant surgery is a long day and being able to go back home to rest afterwards is important.

Secondly, as a transplant involves surgery, there can be side effects and complications. You will want to see or touch base with your Surgeon at your convenience. Not only will this mean your mind is put at ease but also any treatment that is needed can be started immediately. This is obviously very difficult if you have had your transplant abroad.

The Treatment Rooms London, A UK Hair Transplant Clinic

The Treatment Rooms London is South London’s First Hair Transplant Clinic. We take pride in seeing our patients one to one. We cut no corners when developing holistic, personalised hair treatment plans. These plans should always take into account your current and predicted hair loss.

Without factoring in how you will continue to lose hair, a definitive treatment like a hair transplant can be futile. Hair transplant clinics abroad may advertise a one-stop-shop for all hair transplants. However, you need careful planning before undergoing the procedure. We have seen too many gentleman coming from abroad having had a bad hair transplant. Their experiences can be frightening with poor surgical technique, over-harvesting of hair and lack of hair loss planning for the future. What if you continue to lose hair behind your hair transplant? It will ultimately render your hair transplant useless and you may find yourself back to square one.

If you needed more advice about your hair loss or about hair transplants in general our Doctors and Surgeons would love to see you. Book yourself a free consultation at The Treatment Rooms London by clicking HERE.

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Dr Roshan Vara- Speaker At The UK’s Leading Live Medical Aesthetics Show

Dr Roshan Vara Aesthetic Medicine Live

Dr Roshan Vara has been invited to speak at Aesthetic Medicine Live- the UK’s Leading Medical Aesthetics Show.

Having co-founded The Treatment Rooms in London and led the success of South London’s first hair transplant clinic, Dr Vara will share his experiences with other clinicians in London Olympia in March. He will be part of a panel discussing how branding and online presence is incredibly important for a clinic looking to stand out. Listen to him on Sunday 24th March at is talk on what practitioners will need to do before setting up a clinic will be on Saturday 20th October from 1230pm-1315pm. He looks forward to seeing you there!

To see his listing, click HERE.