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Transgender Hair Transplants

As a FTM or MTF patient you may consider a transgender hair transplant. With an increasing number of people identifying themselves as transgender, part of undergoing a transition may require treatment for readjusting a hair line. At The Treatment Rooms, one of London’s main clinics for hair transplantation, our Surgeons are happy to guide you through your journey.

Do you need a transgender hair transplant?

We often see 2 main problems depending on if you are transitioning from male to female or female to male.

  1. Hair loss or thinning (when transitioning from Female to Male, FTM)
  2. An undesirable hair line (when transitioning from Male to Female, MTF)

Hair Loss or Thinning (FTM)

If you are undergoing FTM transition, your male hormones change your appearance- including your hair. Your scalp may start to undergo a degree of male pattern baldness. This occurs when dihydrotestosterone (DHT) acts at the base of your hair follicles. The effect causes them to become weaker and eventually fall out.

To treat this, often a DHT-blocker like finasteride can be used. It helps to “freeze-frame” your existing hair pattern and prevent any further hair loss. If you are a male patient having completed your transition you may then decide to undergo an FUE hair transplant. The procedure can help to reverse any signs of male balding pattern that may have occurred during your change.

As part of the transition from FTM, beard and eyebrow hair will grow and also change. A hair transplant can also help to create desirable  beard hair and eyebrows following a completed transition.

An Undesirable Hair Line

Interestingly, by starting your transition from a male to a female you actually help to treat the signs of male pattern hair loss. This occurs as the levels of oestrogen rise  and counteract the effect of DHT on hair. However, if you already have some balding as a male before undergoing an MTF transition, then you may be stuck with a hairline that reminds you of a receding male. Once you have completed your transition, you may want to correct your hair to a more feminine hairline. This is done by converting an “M” like hair line seen in a male to a curved hair line seen in a youthful female.

Transgender male to female hairline
“M” – shaped male hairline conversion to female shaped hairline

With patients who have an “M” shaped hairline, a hair transplant is the best way to achieve a feminine curved hairline. Previously, having a scalp lowering procedure would simply readjust where the hairline would be. This would be a problem as it would not correct the original hairline shape. Also, a scalp lowering procedure will not help you if you already have a degree of hair loss at the front as an “M” shaped hairline for a female does not look natural. Filling in the areas of loss to create a youthful curved female hair line is a procedure we can perform at The Treatment Rooms in London.


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