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Analysing Antonio Conte's Hair Transplant

March 18, 2021

In the world of elite-level professional sports, the pressure to succeed is immense and daily stressors can lead to several health consequences such as hair loss. Pep Guardiola, one notable example, may be a victim of his intense appetite for success. However, the former Juventus and Chelsea coach, Antonio Conte, had the tactical upper hand in this match.

Conte demands the highest possible performance from his players and expects nothing less than the best, which is why Conte identified and sought out a hair transplant clinic as the solution to his hair loss issue.

During his playing career Conte discovered he had androgenetic alopecia, a medical condition more commonly known as male pattern baldness, when away with the Italian national team. Before retiring as a player, Conte would seek out a FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), in which a strip of tissue is removed from a 'donor' site, and then treated and planted into the 'recipient' (bald) part of the head to grow.

Unfortunately for Conte, he had two procedures of this manner and neither produced long-term results, ultimately leading him to shave his hair off after he took over Arezzo in 2006.

In 2007, Conte flew out to Vancouver, Canada and successfully underwent a modern technique of hair transplantation called an FUE hair transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction). Instead of removing a strip of hair, this method selects the individual hair follicles which are cut out via circular incisions from donor areas and implanted in the affected hair loss areas.

Unlike FUT, FUE won't leave a permanent visible scar on the donor area.

Antonio Conte hair transplant before and after

It is estimated that Conte has spent around £30,000 on his hair transplant procedures, however, with the development of modern techniques, any male hair loss issues you may be suffering from will be a thing of the past with considerably cheaper and financially viable options available.

For more examples of successful hair transplants, take a look at our FUE before & after page. Treatment Rooms London provides the best patient journey possible, giving you the confidence that by the end of your procedure, you’ll have a considerably improved head of hair.

Do you need a hair transplant?

Coming to terms with the idea that you might need a hair transplant is often a difficult thing to do. Here at The Treatment Rooms London, our specialists are on hand to talk you through your decision, helping you to understand what goes into an FUE hair transplant.

If you are seriously considering an FUE Hair transplant, why not take a look at our hair graft calculator to figure out how much your FUE hair transplant will cost.

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