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Celebrity Hair Transplants – Before And After

Shedding hair is entirely normal, but it happens to some of us much faster than others. While hair loss can occur due to medications, medical conditions, stressful times or the wrong hair treatment, for many of us, it is a part of getting older. But that doesn’t mean we need to settle for baldness.

Why FUE?

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplants are one of the most dynamic hair treatments in the world today, with a high success rate. This is a procedure which is able to recreate hair on the areas of your scalp where it has been lost. The result? Thicker hair in just eight to 12 months after the treatment.

Among the benefits of a FUE hair transplant are:

  1. Excellent precision
  2. Speedy recovery time
  3. Quicker healing than other hair transplants
  4. Minimal visible FUE scarring
  5. High graft survival rate.

So maybe it is no wonder so many famous people have chosen to have an FUE hair transplant. In this blog we take a look at the before and after hair transplant examples of celebrities who have probably had A FUE hair transplant:

Gordon Ramsay

Another Englishman loved around the world is Gordon Ramsay, who we are pretty confident has had a FUE hair transplant. The chef cut his teeth working long hours in some of the finest restaurants in Europe; a physically and mentally demanding job which could have contributed to his hair loss over the years. We think Ramsay is one of the best examples at how FUE can restore a hairline, via a technique which takes hair follicles from areas that are dense with hair, and relocates them to patchier areas.

Xherdan Shaqiri

Another on the FUE footballer list, Liverpool star Xherdan Shaqiri wowed spectators in his return to football after an injury with a fully restored hairline. It is thought that he used his time off to have a FUE hair transplant, and thanks to the relatively quick recovery time, he was able to time his comeback to perfection; football and hair-wise! As in the case of Shaqiri, sometimes results can seem almost magical, such is the FUE hair transplant’s ability to match hair type and colour.

Steve Carell

There is surely a place in this blog for an actor and comedian, so let’s touch briefly on The Office’s Steve Carell. His hairline improvements have won complimentary observations from fans, and if he did undergo a FUE hair transplant as we suspect, the results are a great example of the transplant’s longevity, as Carell is thought to have had the treatment way back in 2006.

David Beckham

Let’s start with one of the many footballers to revamp their hairline. David Beckham is much more than just a ball kicker – this former England captain is also a global style icon, so no wonder the graceful Londoner is believed to have undergone a hair transplant in 2018. ‘Becks’ may have benefitted from the natural results that a FUE hair transplant is able to achieve.

So there are some celebrities with enhanced hairlines that offer a testament to the effectiveness of the FUE hair transplant. Speak to the hair transplant clinic London can count on – call Treatment Rooms today on 020 8706 0076.

Authored by

Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr Roshan Vara

Dr Roshan Vara

Full Medical Member of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery

GMC Registered - 7458409

Reviewed by

Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr Dilan Fernando

Dr Dilan Fernando

Royal College of Surgeons

Executive Committee Member & Treasurer of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery

GMC Registered - 7458157

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