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Has David Beckham Had A Hair Transplant?

    Many patients ask us whether David Beckham has had a hair transplant. It has never been confirmed whether David Beckham has undergone a hair transplant. However, in this article we will discuss his hair, his potential hair loss and the question of whether he may have undergone a hair transplant to treat areas of recession or hair loss.

    Who is David Beckham?

    Famous first as one of England’s greatest footballers to ever grace the pitch, David Beckham quickly became a style icon for men’s fashion and has continued to hold up this status long after his footballing days have drawn to a close. His haircuts throughout the years have had a huge impact on men’s styles, whether he was sporting long locks, cornrow braids, or shaved details; his impact as a global style icon is undeniable.

    david beckham

    Photo Credit:Jeff Gilbert

    Does David Beckham Have A Receding Hairline?

    Now in his 40s, thinning of the hair is a natural part of ageing. Looking at photos of David through the years, it appears that he has thinned cross his scalp and had a minor amount of hairline recession.

    Due to his hair being tied back in ponytails over years of playing football, he may have also suffered from traction alopecia affecting his hairline and temples.

    david beckham traction alopecia

    Looking at the above picture, the David Beckham’s temples have receded a touch, likely secondary to male pattern baldness and traction applied to the area by tying his hair tight in a knot.

    What Can Cause David Beckham’s Hair Loss?

    There are a number of potential factors causing David’s hair loss. The most common would be male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. This affects 50% of gentleman before the age of 60. It commonly causes a receding hairline and thinning crown. It then develops to affect the entire scalp leaving just the hair on the back and sides of the scalp remaining.

    As mentioned earlier, traction alopecia could also be a contributing factor in David Beckham’s hair loss. This condition occurs when hair is tied tight in braids, ponytails and buns. It causes tension on the hair commonly in the temples and hairline. Over time, the tension causes the hair follicles to weaken. Repeated tension causes hair loss in the area. This could have affected David’s temples and hairline resulting in hairline recession.

    Has David Beckham Had A Hair Transplant?

    What is a hair transplant?

    A hair transplant involves relocating permanent hair from a zone like the back and sides of the scalp or the beard into an area where there is hair loss like a receding hairline. There are 2 main techniques to achieve this, FUT and FUE hair transplant surgery.

    FUT hair transplant surgery involves taking a strip of scalp out from the back and sides of the scalp and stitching the area leaving a linear scar hidden by long hair. The hair in the strip of skin is then used to transplant into a new area.

    FUE hair transplant surgery, or a follicular unit excision procedure. FUE transplants are a common preferred choice for combating hair loss and thinning. The technique involves extracting each individual hair leaving small pin-point scars at the back and sides of the scalp that can be concealed by shorter hair lengths. The surgery tends to have a short recovery time than FUT hair transplant surgery.

    Full results from a hair transplant can be seen within 8-12 months, but most patients can see a difference within 16 weeks. Hair transplants should last a lifetime and offer natural-looking results for a seamless look.

    David Beckham’s Hair transplant

    David Beckham hasn’t confirmed that he has had a hair transplant. It isn’t clear whether he has had a hair transplant either. Hair transplant surgery can be a private procedure and many patients don’t often like speaking about it publicly. If David has had a hair transplant he may have decided to keep it confidential and that is entirely understandable. He may have chosen to undergo surgery to his hairline to fill in his temples and strengthen his hairline. Pictured below at the recent Netflix premiere, his temples appear more rounded and balanced than in previous pictures.

    david beckham hair transplant

    Photo Credit: S.A.M./Alamy Live News 

    Having A Hair Transplant Without People Noticing

    It is possible to have a hair transplant without most people noticing. This would involve an unshaven hair transplant or a minimally shaven hair transplant. At our award winning hair transplant clinic we are able to perform both types of procedure.

    Our clinic also offers days for surgery whereby patients are given absolute discretion where there is no public access. We have private car parking, private waiting areas and private operation rooms with access for patients into the clinic that doesn’t risk the general public seeing anything.

    Can anyone have a hair transplant like David Beckham’s?

    If you are interested in finding out if you are able to have an FUE hair transplant, contact The Treatment Rooms today and speak to one of our team about arranging a discrete, video consultation.

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