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Analysing David Beckham’s Hair Transplant

Famous first as one of England’s greatest footballers to ever grace the pitch, David Beckham quickly became a style icon for men’s fashion and has continued to hold up this status long after his footballing days have drawn to a close. His haircuts throughout the years have had a huge impact on men’s styles, whether he was sporting long locks, cornrow braids, or shaved details; his impact as a global style icon is undeniable.

As a stylish and well-groomed man, it’s no surprise that David Beckham appears to have undergone a hair transplant in late 2018. Now in his 40s, thinning of the hair is a natural part of ageing, if an undesirable one, a thick head of hair helps to promote a more youthful appearance, something David Beckham would be keen to keep. A combination of years of playing at a high level of athleticism, the pressures of being a celebrity, and a father of four will no doubt have had an impact on his hairline, as all of these are high-stress lifestyles and impact the body in ways that are often unwanted, such as through hair loss and thinning.

What type of hair transplant has David Beckham had?

To achieve the best coverage and most natural-looking results from a hair transplant, the option that David Beckham would have likely chosen is an FUE hair transplant, or a follicular unit excision procedure. FUE transplants are widely regarded as the preferred choice for combating hair loss and thinning, as they have a short recovery time thanks to being carried out under local anaesthetic, and offer excellent blending in as they use the patient’s own hair and follow the natural hairline where possible.

Taking hair from areas of the scalp unaffected by hair loss, usually around the base of the head or close to the ears, the individual hairs are removed and implanted into the affected areas. This offers the best coverage results once fully healed, as proven with its 98% success rate and popularity as a procedure. Full results can be seen within 8-12 months, but most patients can see a difference within 16 weeks. FUE transplants are designed to last a lifetime and offer natural-looking results for a seamless look.

Can anyone have a hair transplant like David Beckham’s?

If you are interested in finding out if you are able to have an FUE hair transplant, contact The Treatment Rooms today and speak to one of our team about arranging a discrete, video consultation.

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