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How To Avoid Hair Loss

    While male and female hair loss is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s not something that any of us particularly want to experience. Many people actively try to avoid losing their hair to avoid the need for hair loss treatment by using expensive shampoos or taking ‘miracle’ supplements, but is it really possible to prevent hair loss? The truth is that there actually are some methods that can help to keep hair strong and healthy, but whether or not these techniques can prevent or reduce hair loss ultimately depends on what’s causing the hair to fall out in the first place.

    For example, some hair loss is caused by genetics. Other incidences of hair loss may be caused by illness, some by natural hormonal changes, and some by high levels of stress. These are risk factors that can’t always be avoided, making hair loss through these particular causes difficult – if not impossible – to avoid. However, hair loss can also be caused by many other factors, and it may be possible to take measures to avoid these types of loss.

    Ways to avoid hair loss

    The most important thing to understand is that there’s no magical rule that can guarantee you’ll keep a full, thick head of hair for your whole life. There are, however, a number of good habits that can be adopted which may help to slow down, reduce, or even prevent some types of hair loss:

    Minimise traction

    Sometimes, hair loss can be caused by continuous rubbing or pulling of the hair. This is known as traction alopecia. To reduce the risk of traction alopecia, avoid tying your hair back tightly, pulling the hair with a brush or styling tools, and wearing tight-fitting hats.

    Stay clean

    There are many substances that can clog the hair follicles, restricting hair growth. Sweat, dirt, bacteria, and chemicals in styling products such as gels and hairsprays are some of the biggest offenders. To reduce the risk of hair loss, try to keep the scalp as clean as possible.

    Eat well

    Although the link between diet and hair loss is the subject of much debate, studies have found that people with hair loss typically have high rates of nutritional deficiencies. Eating a healthy, varied diet could be key to hair health.

    A Scalp Massage to Prevent Hair Loss

    It might sound silly, but a good scalp massage may be a very effective way to avoid hair loss. Research suggests that massaging the scalp stimulates the human hair follicle dermal papilla cells that control the growth cycle, increasing the thickness of the hair.

    Reversing hair loss

    Of course, these tips for avoiding hair loss aren’t guarantees. If they were, we’d never have to worry about hair loss ever again! Sometimes, despite even the best efforts, hair loss can – and does – happen. But if you do experience hair loss, don’t panic. There are a few different ways to reverse the process.

    Medications are one such way. Finasteride and Minoxidil may be suitable solutions, especially for younger people who may still be at risk of losing more hair in the future. For others, especially those aged 27+ and with uneven loss (thick areas, coupled with thinning parts), a FUE hair transplant could be effective. This type of transplant takes hairs from the healthier areas of the head and transplants them to the thinning areas, where the hairs continue to grow over the span of around 8-12 months.

    There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to avoiding – or reversing – hair loss, so the best thing to do is to discuss your options with an expert. A good hair transplant clinic, such as The Treatment Rooms, will always be happy to work with you to determine the best course of action, and answer any questions you may have about hair loss. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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