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Plastic Surgery Undressed With Mobeen Azhar

    Plastic Surgery Undressed

    Undergoing a cosmetic procedure or plastic surgery is a decision that is never taken lightly, but it can be difficult to get the right information you need to do so. New BBC series Plastic Surgery Undressed tackles the mystery and rumour surrounding cosmetic procedures, as people are still somewhat reluctant to discuss what treatments they may have had done. It invites 4 people to come onto the show and watch live the operation or procedure that they’re considering, along with receiving advice and information from leading experts in the field.

    Mobeen investigates

    Mobeen Azhar is an award-winning journalist and unafraid to tackle topics others might find difficult to bring to the public’s attention. As presenter of the new show Plastic Surgery Undressed, his investigative nature is perfect for digging out all the information participants could or would need in order to make an informed decision about whether to go ahead with the plastic surgery they are interested in.

    Whilst the term ‘plastic surgery’ often invokes the old thoughts of ‘going under the knife’ with a lengthy operation or surgical procedure, the show highlights that medical advancements have made cosmetic procedures safer and less invasive in many cases. On the very first episode, one of the most common treatments is covered – the hair transplant. This gives us a chance to see what the entire process when visiting a hair transplant clinic

    Treatment Rooms London on Plastic Surgery Undressed

    Featuring the Treatment Rooms’ leading surgeon Dr Dilan Fernando, the episode shows step-by-step the procedure of an FUE (follicular unit excision) hair transplant, from the first consultation right through to the finished results. Dr Fernando assists with questions asked by potential recipients, helping to separate fact from fiction and demonstrate exactly how hair transplants work, and why they’re a long way from the early days of ‘hair plugs’ that some people still think of.

    Participants of the show are supported by both medical experts and the presenters, with Mobeen Azhar bringing his journalism skills to the forefront and ensuring that information given to people on the show, and watching at home, is as clear and concise as possible. Ultimately the show aims to help both the people on the show and those watching at home decide what plastic surgery procedure could be right for them.

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