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The Importance Of Seeing Your Hair Transplant Surgeon

    We wanted to write a short piece on why it is so important to see you hair transplant surgeon regularly- before, during and after your operation. At The Treatment Rooms London we are seeing more and more patients asking us for help when it comes to fixing a previous hair transplant or advice about aftercare. In almost all cases, the patient had barely seen their hair transplant surgeon and in some cases didn’t know what their name was! This is particularly worrying. So who is your hair transplant surgeon? Why is it important to see them? Find out in this blog!

    Why Do You Need A Hair Transplant Surgeon?

    If you are suffering from hair loss you might be wondering what is the cause and what is the best treatment for you? The causes of hair loss are explored in earlier blogs that you can click on below:

    Treating hair loss can be tricky and requires specialist knowledge. Sometimes you might ring a hair loss clinic and get booked into see someone who is not a hair transplant Surgeon or Doctor. In most cases this person is not medically qualified to diagnose and manage your hair loss. In reality you need to be seen by a GMC registered Doctor or Surgeon, or a trichologist.

    Furthermore, your Doctor or Surgeon needs to have a specialist interest in hair loss and hair restoration surgery if they are going to advise you about having a hair transplant. They are best placed to know how suitable you are for a hair transplant. We have written a lot about what you need to consider when choosing to have a transplant. You can click the two links below to find out more:

    Once you have decided to have a  FUE hair transplant you then need your hair transplant surgeon to plan your operation and your new hair. They will need to account for any future hair loss and ideally you need a hair transplant surgeon to do this. Their training and experience is important to ensuring your hair is cared for not only now but for the future too.

    This means that if you decide to undergo your treatment with your Surgeon, you both have come to a mutually agreed treatment goal. This is important as you can feel at ease knowing your Surgeon is operating to achieve a result you have agreed on and will be happy with.

    What Happens If You Don’t See A Hair Transplant Surgeon?

    At our clinic we have heard from many patients asking for help. They may have had their hair transplant abroad or in the UK but often they complain of the following problems:

    • Too much hair taken out from the back of their head
    • Poor hairline design
    • Poor hair density following a hair transplant
    • Large scars
    • Skin necrosis
    • No hair growth 1 year after hair transplantation

    A recurring theme is that they haven’t had a consultation with a Doctor or Surgeon who is carrying out the procedure. This has some main consequences:

    • You may not get treated by a surgeon at all but a hair transplant technical assistant with poor surgical technique
    • Your hair transplant surgeon doesn’t know you and is not familiar with your concerns e.g. pain, recovery, bleeding
    • Your surgeon doesn’t know how many hairs to take out or takes out too many
    • You may be given a hair transplant that is not what you expected- hence a result you will not be happy with

    During your consultation you need to address your concerns around surgery and what your expectations are following hair growth. But you shouldn’t overlook the problem of losing more hair behind or around your hair transplant. Stopping your hair loss is as important as undergoing the hair transplant procedure. You might be able to obtain a head of hair following your hair transplant, but if you don’t take steps to prevent further hair loss, your transplant is rendered useless.

    What is the right clinic for me?

    In the UK, you need to be seen in a hair transplant clinic that is CQC registered. This is a legal requirement. Your surgeon should be GMC registered and they should be carrying out your operation.

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