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Washing Your Hair After A Hair Transplant?

    Caring for your Hair after a Hair Transplant

    When deciding to undergo a hair transplant, you may have a number of questions about the procedure and the end results, but considering the aftercare and recovery part of the journey is just as important. Investing money into a hair transplant means you want the results to be assured and to give you the look you desire, so it’s important that you’re taking care of yourself and the newly transplanted hairs after the procedure.

    Most hair transplants are done as an FUE (follicular unit excision) procedure. This involves taking donor hair from the your head, usually either from the base of the neck or sometimes around the ears, as these areas are generally unaffected by any thinning or hair loss. The individual hairs are removed and then implanted into the affected areas, providing excellent, natural-looking coverage that blends in perfectly.

    Although performed under local anaesthetic, it is still a surgical procedure, meaning there will be a level of careful aftercare required for a period of time. Making sure you take proper care of your hair transplant will ensure you get the best results and will have a quicker recovery.

    When can I wash my hair after a hair transplant?

    At The Treatment Rooms, we know that the new hairs in your transplant site are delicate, and need time to bed into your scalp. We don’t recommend washing your hair right away as this could dislodge your newly transplanted hairs; instead, you should wait 5-7 days before you gently wash your hair with a pH balanced shampoo. We provide a salt spray that will keep the hairs and scalp soft and moisturised for the first few days until you can wash your hair.

    Only after two weeks, when the hairs are truly embedded into the scalp and the risk of them falling out is lower, can you start washing your hair again as normal. We do recommend that you avoid excessive scrubbing or harsh shampoos, as this will dislodge the hairs and slow down the recovery process, as well as potentially reducing the long term results. If you are looking to emphasise your results, ask your surgeon about supplements or shampoos that can help aid in your recovery.

    Talk to a Hair Transplant Specialist

    If you are ever in doubt, talk to your clinical team on 020 8706 0076 and see what they can recommend to aid in your recovery. The team at the Treatment Rooms are always on hand to answer any questions you might have.

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