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NHS Hair Transplants

NHS hair transplants were funded by NICE many years ago but now they are unfortunately not. The NHS may in exceptional cases fund some transplants for example if a patient has been affected by burns. So what are your options when it comes to tackling hair loss and looking for a hair transplant?

Looking to have a hair transplant is a tricky process, after all it is surgery and you need to make a careful, informed decision. Looking for the right hair transplant clinic is one of the points we address in this short blog. Before deciding to have a hair transplant, it is important to find out why you are losing hair.

Speak with a hair loss specialist or your GP

One of your first port of calls would be to get in contact either with a hair loss doctor (click here for The Treatment Rooms’ Doctors), a trichologist or your GP. Hair loss can be sudden or take a long time to occur and finding the cause will determine the treatment you have. Your doctor should be able to carry out simple tests before advising you on what treatment you would benefit from. There are many causes for hair loss such as:

One of the reasons the NHS does not fund for hair transplants is that hair loss is commonly a process associated with ageing. Only in exceptional cases for example patients affected by burns would NICE consider funding a hair transplant.  This would need to go through specialised funding applications that take a long time. More than often these applications are rejected and this leaves a patient with no other option but to look for a hair transplant clinic themselves.

Can you have Transgender Hair Transplants on the NHS?

Increasingly, at The Treatment Rooms London we are seeing a number of transgender patients looking to have a more masculine or feminine hairline following their transition. As hair transplants are not funded by the NHS for gender transition patients the only option would be to look for private clinics who are able to perform the surgery.

Searching for hair transplant clinics

The NHS website recommends going through the CQC register to find a hair transplant clinic suitable for you. However, finding a clinic is actually quite simple. Finding the RIGHT clinic is difficult. As covered in our previous blog, “5 considerations before having hair transplant surgery“, you must make a fully informed decision.

A simple Google search will give you some hair transplant clinics, but take note of whether their Surgeons are regulated by the GMC and CQC. These 2 bodies help to ensure you are being treated safely by Hair Transplant Surgeons.

Hair Transplants at The Treatment Rooms London

The Treatment Rooms London is a clinic that is dedicated to advanced aesthetic procedures, particularly Hair Transplantation. It works to the stringent ethical and clinical codes of conduct outlined by the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons, CQC and GMC. If you wanted to book in for a consultation to explore your hair loss then please contact us today by clicking here.