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Jimmy Carr Hair Transplant

March 29, 2021

Stand-up comedian Jimmy Carr debuted his new look after undergoing a hair transplant, and we must admit, he is looking more dapper than ever.

Jimmy Carr before and after photos

In an interview with The Sun, Jimmy revealed that he had the procedure done while in lockdown because he'd had enough of his receding hairline.

A receding hairline is very common in men. Most of them start losing hair as early as 15 or 16, at the end of puberty, and by the time they are in their late thirties, they have a receding hairline.

This kind of male hair loss is caused by damaged hair follicles and other medical reasons that disturb your hair's growth cycle. Family history or genetics is also known to cause hair loss in men. If the men in your family have suffered from baldness, chances are that you will too. A receding hairline can be treated using medication-based hair loss treatments, but surgery offers longer-lasting results.

An FUE hair transplant, which is what Jimmy's had, involves the extraction of hair follicles from the skin and moving them to an area with thinner or no hair. During the procedure, the surgeon uses micro punches to remove single follicles without leaving a trace of extraction.

As Mr. Carr explained, hairs are taken from the back of the head and put in the front. An FUE hair transplant is safe, non-invasive, and results in minimal scarring which is not visible once the hair has regrown.

Jimmy Carr hair transplant photos

Jimmy Carr's hair transplant before and after pictures above as reported by the Daily Mail, show a significant change in his appearance. His hairline looks fuller and thicker, proving that FUE hair transplants are incredibly effective. Based on the normal growth cycle, new hair growth starts three to four months after the procedure. Nine to twelve months after the surgery, you should have made a full recovery and have a full head of hair.

Jimmy says he got the transplant at the beginning of 2020, and he unveiled his new look around June. Six months after the procedure, he has had significant hair growth.

Those interested in this procedure are usually worried about the price. Well, the cost varies from one hair transplant clinic to another. The final price is calculated based on a number of factors that decide how complex the procedure required will be.

Anything from hair colour and hair texture through to whether or not you want your head to be shaven or not during the procedure. You will pay a fee per graft which is charged between £5-£6 at The Treatment Rooms London. All other costs including recovery are included in the price.

If you are interested in learning more about how you might benefit from an FUE hair transplant, why not take a look at our ‘What is FUE’ guide that goes into detail about what you can expect from an FUE hair transplant.

For any questions, please do get in touch with The Treatment Rooms London today. Our specialists are on hand to answer any questions that you might have and tailor a treatment plan suited to you your needs.

At treatment rooms we specialise in FUE hair transplants, feel free to get in touch to find out more, or browse our other articles for answers to common questions:

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