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Hair transplant after one month

    At 1 month after an FUE hair transplant you can expect your newly implanted hair to start shedding. You may also have some mild redness present where your newly implanted hairs have been placed. The rest of your scalp should have healed entirely by this point.

    1 month after hair transplant
    This gentleman is 1 month after his frontal hairline and temple hair transplant

    Post-surgery care for your FUE hair transplant for the 1st month

    Following your hair transplant, it’s vital that you take good care of your scalp. One of the most important things you should avoid is touching your scalp or hair during the first 2 weeks post-surgery, as the transplanted grafts are still embedding into the scalp during this time. You might have to sleep in an elevated position using a neck pillow for the first few days to keep any pressure off your head.

    During the first two weeks, it’s also advisable to avoid any strenuous exercise or work, to reduce any risk that can be posed to your transplant during these activities. You’ll also need to avoid using the power shower post-surgery, and avoid exposing your head to direct sunlight for the first 2 weeks after having your hair transplant.

    Our transplant clinic will advise you when you can start washing your head again. This usually takes place after a number of days using a shampoo. This process can help the crusts formed after the transplant to soften and wash away safely after around two weeks.

    After about two- three weeks, the redness from your scalp area should have subsided. It is also at this point that you may start to notice your transplanted hair shedding.

    Reaching 1 month after hair transplant surgery

    When you reach the 1 month mark you aren’t likely to experience any new hair growth. Instead, you are likely to start seeing your hair shedding. This is a completely normal part of the process, where the transplanted grafts enter a sleep phase and shed themselves, getting your scalp ready for a new growth cycle to begin with the new hair.

    You may also see a slight pink tinge to your skin where you have had your operation- particularly if you have a lighter skin tone.

    When will your hair start to regrow?

    Typically, around month 3 or 4 following a FUE hair transplant procedure you should start to see new hair growing through. In some cases, it may start a little earlier than this. Regrowth may start slowly at first, but will steadily increase as the months go by, with around half of the results achieved by about six months. It may take a further six months or so to achieve the full effects of the procedure.

    4 months after FUE hair transplant
    4 months post hair transplant surgery- new hair growth starting

    It’s important to keep in touch with your hair transplant clinic following a hair loss procedure to ensure healthy healing and recovery is taking place. Our Surgeons are experts in ensuring their patients recovery and aftercare goes to plan. If you are interested in having your hair transplant with them, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

    12 months after hair transplant receding hairline
    Final result- 12 months after hair transplant surgery

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