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When can you exercise after having a hair transplant?

You can start to exercise after 14 days following your hair transplant. For our fitness-orientated patients we give them a strict plan as to what they can and cannot do following surgery. This blog will give you a better understanding of what we advise.

Dr Vara explains when you can exercise after your hair transplant

Exercise and Hair Transplant Surgery

An FUE hair transplant usually involves relocating hairs from the back and sides of the head to an area of thinning or balding. Hair can also be transplanted from the beard or the body in certain patients.

The newly implanted grafts are delicately placed in their new site and it can take some days before they are fully “rooted in”. In most patients the grafts are only secure in their new location after 14 days have passed following surgery and this affects when you can start to exercise.

Before 14 days have passed there are a number of factors that patients need to be aware of that can adversely affect the transplant, one of which includes exercising too early.

Can exercise affect the success of a hair transplant?

If undertaken too early, exercise can affect the success of a hair transplant. Exercise can cause you to:

  • Sweat
  • Strain
  • Hit your head

Sweating and exercise

Sweating can increase the risk of your grafts becoming a bed for infection. If you have a prolonged bacterial infection affecting your transplanted grafts this can affect the success of your hair transplant. We advise our patients to prevent sweating by staying out of the sun, avoiding exercise until 14 days have passed or until the redness around the implanted grafts has settled.

Straining and exercise

If you are straining whilst you exercise, you increase the pressure in your scalp and therefore the risk that the transplanted grafts may “pop out”. That means it is not advisable to perform heavy lifting or have an intense cardio workout until your grafts are fully secure which is at the 14 day mark following surgery.

Hitting your head

For patients who play contact sports such as, Rugby, Boxing and Football, there is a high risk to you repeatedly hitting your head. This trauma can damage the hair roots and therefore the chances of you having a successful hair transplant.

When can you exercise after having a hair transplant?

Most patients are able to exercise once 14 days have passed following their hair transplant, this is when the newly implanted grafts are generally secure. Keeping this in mind, we suggest that patients can:

  1. Perform light exercise after 7 days. This includes any activity that doesn’t make you sweat e.g. walking, table tennis
  2. Perform normal exercise after 14 days. This includes going to the gym, lifting heavy weights and performing a strenuous cardio session
  3. Those patients who want to play contact sports can play after 1 month has passed following their hair transplant

If you still have a lot of redness in your transplanted area following surgery it is important you discuss your decision to exercise with your hair transplant surgeon. Whilst exercise at this point may not affect the success of your transplanted grafts, it may prolong your healing and recovery.

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